The state of B2B branding 2022


Branding has always been essential in the world of B2C, but are you ready for the growing importance of an effective brand in B2B?

With the loss of third-party cookies and an over-saturated market, B2B businesses can no longer solely rely on targeted marketing to attract sales and retain customers. For any B2B company that wants to thrive, they need a solid brand strategy.

That’s why we’re conducting the first state of B2B branding survey to find out what branding looks like in B2B, and how that might change in the future. We want to hear from branding specialists in B2B businesses, like yourself, so we can get a full picture of what branding in B2B looks like in 2022.

Fill out the survey below and have your say!

Let us know…

  • What brand activities you’re currently implementing
  • If you measure your brand marketing
  • What metrics you use to measure your brand building
  • How successful your branding has been
  • How you perceive branding in B2B

In our completed report, we’ll be able to analyze what branding looks like in the B2B space, and what success looks like, so marketers can discover where to focus their branding efforts going forward.

Fill out the survey today and be part of the report that will help shape brand building in B2B marketing!

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