About us

The B2B Marketing Alliance came onto the scene in January 2021 with a mission of disrupting the B2B space, and creating (brace yourself marketers) that semi-mythical “single source of truth” we all desire.

Whether you’re a paid ad strategist, content marketer, SEO whizz, CMO, social media exec, email campaign manager, or all the other vast range of titles that fit under the B2B umbrella, we’re here to connect the dots and unite passionate B2B marketers all over the world.

What we do*

  • Our community’s a place for marketers from all channels, all levels of seniority, and all corners of the globe to connect, network, ask questions, share ideas, find solutions, and just generally level-up in their field.
  • Our blog’s regularly updated with awesome info from our in-house experts and you - our incredible community contributors (if you want to contribute something, find out how here).
  • Our reports will dive deep into trending B2B topics to deliver you the insights, stats, and advice you need to crush your job.
  • Our events (digital and hopefully someday soon in-person!) bring together B2B marketers from the US to Australia, Brazil to Bulgaria, Chile to China, (and many other alliterating regions of the world) to facilitate knowledge-sharing and real human-to-human networking opportunities.
  • Our soon-to-be certification suite will arm you with all the tried and tested tools and techniques B2B marketers some of the world’s biggest brands are already using and bagging results with.

*We’re still pretty new and the team very much appreciate their sleep, so this list is a blend of what already exists and what’s on our roadmap.

We’re proudly part of The Alliance umbrella.

The Alliance is the world’s most forward-thinking professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals worldwide.

Through market-leading accredited courses, unrivaled membership plans, industry-shaping reports, thriving communities, and first-class events, it’s redefining the way companies access education and scale.

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